Finish Strong!

Come be a part of the BSS Finish Strong Project Tour!

To help bring some creative fun finality to this odd, unprecedented, sad, strange, extraordinary school year, a few Bridge Street School grown-ups are inviting your child and family to the BSS Finish Strong Project Tour. Your BSS student creates any sort of project , big or small, to celebrate who they are and what they've learned, loved, wondered, wished, or want to share . . .you name it! It can be as awesomely simple as a special drawing or poem, or as complex as your child's mind wishes to go. Only rule is that can the project can be viewed and experienced from an appropriate distance outside of your home.

Then from 10:00 - 3:00 on Monday, June 15th (The last day of school!) place your project outside your house as part of a self-guided tour will happen of all the projects throughout the BSS neighborhood (following proper social distancing guidelines, mask-wearing, etc.). Project creators do not need to be present or available to explain or show their project, this really is intended to be a self-guided tour.

Want to create a project to share on the tour?

Click here to fill out the form to add your project to the tour map! Submissions can be made up until June 14th at 8:00 P.M.

Want to take the tour on June 15th?

Use the map below to view current the tour locations, and check back on the morning of the 15th since more projects are being added daily!

Any question, ideas, or concerns? Email BSS 3rd and K parent Peter Hamelin at