Peace Crane Project

We’d like to invite all members of the BSS community to participate in folding origami cranes. All students, parents, grandparents, teachers, and staff are welcome to join us to collaborate in folding a total of 1000 cranes by Friday, June 24th, 2022.

Once the origami cranes are folded, we will build a mobile. The mobile, containing our 1000 cranes, will be displayed in the school. The mobile will provide a forum and engage children in an ongoing conversation about peace. The installation date will be Wednesday, September 21st, 2022–International Day of Peace.

There are a number of reasons why there are traditions of folding cranes and why we want to do this as a school community, including:

❖ Cranes are known to be very protective of their young.

❖ There are ancient Japanese myths that say if you fold 1000 cranes, your dreams come true.

❖ In 1955, Sadako Sasaki undertook folding 1000 origami cranes when she was bedridden following the radiation fallout from the Hiroshima bombing, and ever since, folding cranes has been recognized as an effort to bring World Peace.

❖ Making them will be a powerfully visceral experience for children and a symbol of peace.

❖ It will be meaningful and constructive for our community to work on this together.

Instructions on how to fold a crane:

For FREE origami paper & to store your folded origami cranes:

Laila Copperanski @ BSS Grade 2 (room 206) classroom

● Nora DeJasu's office @ BSS Tiered Support Specialist Office

For Live Music, In Person, Crane Folding Clinic Hours:

❖ Wednesday, June 8, 4:30-6:30 @ BSS Better World Picnic

❖ Friday, June 10, 1-3 pm @ Lampron Park

❖ Tuesday, June 14th, 1-2 pm Lampron Park

❖ Thursday, June 16th, 1-3 pm @ Lampron Park

❖ Tuesday, June 21, all day during Field Day @ "The Quiet Table"

❖ Friday, June 24, 1-3 pm @ Lampron Park

Starting September 1st thru September 21st of 2022,we will collect everyone's responses to create a video, as a collective. With everyone’s participation, we will build a video montage with representations of what peace means to us as a community and we can share it with the world.

Your participation and your response matter: You are welcome to send us your reflections on what peace means to you in order to create a video montage as a further statement from our community. We will share this video along with the mobile with 1000 cranes.

Instructions on how to fold a crane:

Questions to ask yourself & student(s):

  1. What is peace?

  2. What would you like to know about peace?

  3. How do we find out?

You may record answers in a photo, video, or written way.

If you decide to send responses via video thru your phone, here are three tips on recording video:

  1. Hold phone horizontally

  2. Make sure the space is well lit

  3. Try to reduce surrounding sounds as much as possible.

Please send questions, photos, videos, or text to Marta Martinez @

Origami Paper donated by Gloria & Emilio Martinez